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We’re looking for talented individuals to help grow upon our graphic design, web design, package design, and online marketing blog. We we invite you to register and to take part in our social network.

There are a few guidelines and they’re there to follow – please respect them. When writing for us, make sure your articles are original with your own unique content and that you use our targeted keywords. Do not plagiarize – it cannot be anywhere else on the internet (trust us, we moderate all our articles – we’ll find out if you copy it).

Your articles must be related to either online marketing, graphic arts, web design, or package design.

Your article must be factual and well written – if you can’t write proper English, you run the risk of us just simply declining it. Be sure to use proper spelling and punctuation – proofread your article before you submit it! If you need to, take a day to sit on it, and read it the next… We will not proofread it for you and if we find way too many errors, you run the risk of us simply declining it. We don’t want to do that!

When registering, please include at least two samples of your published content on other blogs and websites you write for. We love meeting other bloggers, so don’t be afraid to show us content even if it’s not related to online marketing, graphic artists, graphic arts, graphic design, web design, or package design.

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