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Why You Should Use Dreamweaver For Web Design

Adobe has become very popular among web designers mainly because Adobe creates programs that help web designers do their job much more quickly and easily than before. Aside from programs such as PDF reader or Flash, probably the most recognized program released by Adobe that web designers use is Dreamweaver. Both web designers and webmasters are using Dreamweaver, as this website development tool helps them easily bring to life very engaging and interesting websites. Here, we will talk about the reasons why you should go for Dreamweaver when working in web design.

Easy to Keep Track of Multiple Sites

If you have multiple websites to keep track of, Dreamweaver is probably the perfect tool for you. Namely, this program will give you a chance to easily and practically toggle between all the sites you are managing or working on at any given moment. This will save you a lot of time, and make your work as a web designer easier.

The Built-in FTP

If you want to make your work a whole lot faster and easier, then this option of Dreamweaver will blow you away. Namely, with just a keyboard shortcut, you will be able to update your website by adding large files almost instantly using the built-in FTP. Aside from this, this tool also allows for automatic changes of file permissions.

Adding CSS Styles Easily and Quickly

Yet another reason why you should definitely use Dreamweaver is the fact that it has excellent CSS feature. The CSS coding processes have been extremely simplified by Dreamweaver, and the point-and-click CSS window is so intuitive that you will be able to add CSS styles faster than ever before.

Rollover Buttons Made Easy

You can easily choose from a wide variety of different rollover buttons in Dreamweaver, without having to create the rollover buttons yourself. The selection of these buttons offered by Dreamweaver is pretty extensive, and all you have to do in order to add a rollover button to your website is to choose the one you like and click it – everything else is Dreamweaver’s job.

Pop-up Menus and Web Forms Made Easy

Again, Dreamweaver will do everything for you, just like with the rollover buttons. All you will have to do is choose the pop-up menu you like and click it, and the same procedure is with web forms. Aside from this, Dreamweaver also offers you the option of sending these web forms to different email addresses automatically.

A Large Number of Template Files to Choose From

Another great benefit of using Dreamweaver for web development is the fact that this program offers you a large number of template files you can use. This option is especially helpful to beginners in this filed, but experienced professionals will have some use from this as well.

If you have decided to start using Dreamweaver as your web development tool of choice, you should definitely go for Dreamweaver CS6, which is the latest edition of this program. Dreamweaver CS6 training will probably be essential to think about before you really start using the program professionally, so think about finding good online training and tutorials first.

This article has been written by Nick for a company engaged in Dreamweaver CS6 training

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