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What is the Difference Between a Brand, an Identity and a Logo?

When dealing with graphic arts and creative types, you will often hear the words logo, identity and brand used and you may be left wondering what exactly each one is and how they can benefit your business.

These words are often misused and interchanged, but as any good designer will tell you, there is a distinctive difference between the three.

Your brand is the overall image or message that your firm wishes to project, the identity is the visuals that people see that help them to recognise and identify with your brand, while the logo is an icon or graphic that is used to represent your business.

Still no clearer? Let’s take a look at Coca Cola, which is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest brands. The company want their product to be seen as the soft drink of choice whenever their customers need refreshment.

The identity of the brand is symbolised by the colours red and white together, the swirly font used in its advertising and the depiction of the classic glass Coca Cola bottles. Even though most people buy the drink in cans or plastic bottles these days, the glass bottle is used to depict that classic feel of a drink that has been a favourite for years.

The identity also includes the distinctive logo, which is the company’s name in a red font on a white background. If you take a look at the company’s website and advertising material, you will see that they use logo along with the white and red colour scheme that their identity is based upon.

Seeing the easy to recognise identity and logo instantly reminds customers of the brand and the corporate image that the company has worked so hard to build up.

For another example, consider how when you see a sleek iPhone, iPad or iMac, you instantly know from the modern and minimalistic identity of the products, the advertising and even the boxes they are sold in, that you are looking at an Apple product. When you spot the unmistakable Apple logo, your hunch is confirmed.

So how can a strong identity and logo help your brand to get noticed?

Choosing a good agency…

If you work with a good creative agency and web design team, they will strive to understand what is unique about your business, what your selling points are and how you wish your company and products to be perceived. They will help to encompass this and create a winning brand, identity and logo.

As your business grows, the public will identify with your identity and logo and link them to your businesses main features and values.

Eighty per cent of customers say they use the internet to search for products or services, so establishing your identity and logo via a website is an excellent starting point.

Your design team can then use the new identity and logo to make your business cards, stationary and advertising material to add a crisp, clean and professional feel to all your business dealings.

As your company attracts more customers, the professional image will help to convince them to trust your business and the logo and identity will help them to recognise your brand in future – and so it grows from there.

This was a guest blog post from Burfield Creative, a Web Design Agency in Bristol.

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