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Understand Your Audience

8109506828_c16b622381_mWhen it comes to online marketing, you can’t design for you, your boss or your client. You have to design for your audience if you want your work to be effective. Sure, you want yourself and everyone else to be happy with what you’ve created, but ultimately, your audience will be the ones to determine whether your design is successful or not.

What Content Do They Consume?

Find out what content your audience consumes. What television programs do they watch, what social media do they use; which websites do they visit? As you understand what they find entertaining, you’ll be able to create work that they are more likely to pay attention to.

It’s important when you do this research that you keep in mind your goals. Most graphic artists want to be entertaining, but ultimately you are trying to encourage some reaction. Whether it’s making your client more memorable, or sending people to a store, your design has a job outside of being enjoyable to look at.

Where Do They View Your Designs?

You need to understand how your work is being viewed. Is it on a laptop, a tablet or an email application? The way in which your design is consumed will play a big role in deciding how it should function.

Learn Their Lifestyle

The best designs will be created when you fully understand how your target lives. Find out if they are married, single, in school and what kind of jobs they work. This will give you a better idea of their major concerns and motivations, which will help you design work that is likely to convince them to take action.

How Do They View Your Product?

If the product you are marketing has already been established, it’s important that you know how it is viewed by your target audience. If they have a favorable view of it, you need to understand why and reinforce that view. If, on the other hand, they view it negatively, you need to find out why that is and work to alter that perception, or shift their attention to more positive aspects.

A/B Testing

Remember not to rely on assumptions. Use tests to see if a different header image, or headline, or any other element, will be more effective. As much as we can learn about our target audience, we should never take chances. The formula goes as follows: research, create, test and edit. This will get you the best results possible.

Design for Your Audience

Learn everything you can about your audience and design with their needs and tastes in mind. You’ll create more effective work that gets the results you’re looking for.

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