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Top Software Programs for Graphic Design

When it comes to the industry of graphic design, there are many software programs available for personal or professional use. Ranging from the very well-known and famous programs to lesser known, and even free, software, there is always a large variety of graphic design programs available on the software market.

The industry standard is Adobe’s powerhouse program Photoshop in any of its many versions, and is even used as a verb in conversation, the program is so well known. “This is a Photoshop,” and, “She/He/it looks Photoshopped,” are common phrases that have stemmed from Adobe’s immense presence as the holy grail of graphic design software.

However, is Photoshop truly the king of kings among graphic design programs? A lot of this decision rides on just what type of graphic design you need to accomplish. There are a few specified programs for certain specific tasks and then there are creative suites, like Adobe’s, that try to make an all-inclusive, multiple purpose encompassing program to please all sorts of graphic design enthusiasts and employees.

Exploring the top three software programs for graphic design will show us just where this famous program and a few other accepted, well known programs lie.

Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6

Adobe’s newest Photoshop program, Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6, is simple to describe: amazing. It’s no surprise that this is the top contender in graphic design, as Photoshop is consistently the industry standard.

With a dozen new features available through Adobe’s new “Creative Cloud” membership, Photoshop CS6 with creative cloud capability allows for more graphical design applications than ever. Photoshop even allows users with newer high definition displays (such as the newest Retina Displays from Apple) to have better resolution display than ever before with HiDPI and Retina display support.

The new features are almost overwhelming on top of the returning features in this edition of Photoshop. Even better, older features such as liquefy and puppet warp have been sped up using the new Mercury Graphics Engine to make changes happen in close to real time. More information on Photoshop CS6 features are available on Adobe’s Photoshop site.

If purchased along with the entire Creative Suite 6, indispensable, all-encompassing graphic design power is in your hands.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite

If Adobe may not be your favorite, you simply dislike Photoshop, or prefer a less expensive program, try CorelDraw Graphics Suite. Much cheaper than Adobe’s Creative Suite Six which weighs in at around $1,200, Corel Draw Graphics Suite is fairly priced a whole $700 cheaper, around $500.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite includes Photo Paint, an image editing program that is popular among digital tablet artists. CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6 is a powerful suite that rivals the likes of Adobe’s Photoshop easily with the impressive features.

GNU Image Manipulation Program

If you are on a severely limited budget (or do not even have one for that matter) and cannot afford either of these suites, there are a few image editing alternatives available online.

One of these is the freeware favorite graphic design program GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program. While the GNU Image Manipulation Program (referred to as GIMP from here on out) is not an encompassing graphic design suite like the other products featured in this article, it is a exceptionally capable image editing program that, considering it is free, is a viable alternative to those who simply wish to maybe fool around with graphic design without dropping the investment on more expensive software.

What do you think of the top three software programs for graphic design?  Do you have a suggestion that was left off the list?  Let us know!


Author Bio:  This article was submitted by Lewis Jacobs.  He is a technology enthusiast and writes articles about computer software and repair, Internet trends and networking.  His most recent article dived into providers of clear high speed internet and their benefits.

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