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Top Graphic Design Schools In The World

Why Choose The Best Design Schools For A Diploma In Graphic Design 

diplomazThere are many new generation job opportunities that we should be aware of.  As job scenario becomes tough with each day, it is but natural for us to look for unconventional sources of employment.  We don’t all want or need to spend our lives stuck behind our desks. When we talk about these new found sources of employment a career or job in graphic design field always comes to our mind. It offers great career prospects as the demand for quality graphic designers is very much on the rise. Hence, there automatically is a demand for diploma in graphic design given the increasing job and career opportunities it offers.

For those who wish to do something on their own, an entrepreneurial shot at graphic designing would indeed be a good idea. The whole field of graphic design is quite huge. It could be designing clothing and apparels, designing homes, getting into art and film making just to name a few. Therefore, it is well and truly a good career and job option that should be given the importance it deserves.

How To Choose The Right College For Graphic Design 

There are literally scores of colleges and institutions that offer high quality graphic design diploma courses. Under such circumstances, choosing the one which could be considered the best can be a tough and challenging job. Based on certain parameters, particular with regard to feedback from previous students, an effort has been to shortlist the best art and graphic design schools in the world:

  1. The art institute in Phoenix is considered to be a top notch college and is highly respected and admired. Amongst other courses, it focuses on graphic designing, web designing, and interior designing and advertising. Getting admission to this college is quite tough but it worth the trouble and effort.
  2. Another college that is much talked about and revered is The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture. Anyone willing to learn more about Earth Art or Ceramic Architecture and Designing should most certainly keep this college in mind.
  3. The Cranbrook Academy of Art which is located in the upmarket suburb of Bloomfield Hills, in Detroit is a graphic design college of huge popularity. Though started as an art college in 1932, it now offers some of the best diploma and full time courses on various fields of graphic designing.
  4. Moving to the Eastern part of the world, when we talk about graphic designing, we cannot afford to ignore the name of China Academy of Art. It offers almost everything that one could ask for in terms of art and graphic designing. It has around 8 colleges under its jurisdiction and hence could be considered as a one-shop stop for all our graphic design and art needs.
  1. Apart from the above, there are also a number of other reputed art and graphic design colleges that are worth mention. For example, The Royal Swedish Academy of Arts is a very old college started way back in 1773. Over the years it has graduated and is considered a superb college offering the best diploma of graphic design.
  2. Piccadilly based Royal Academy of Arts is also a big name in the field of graphic designing.

Author Bio Toni Meadows is a retired Business professor who now blogs about education and it’s importance in society. He has visited several colleges in Melbourne and has written his observations on business courses and opinions about each one.

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