Web Design

The Fundamentals of Designing Your Website

Web templates are a dime a dozen, and it can be frustrating to choose a professional one. Below are a few tips you can use to guide you on your choice of web design features and to help you avoid making mistakes.


It is a fact that you cannot begin to consider web design templates without first determining your websites niche. This is because your site’s functions determine how it should look. For example, a health website should look very different from a financial site or a sports website. There is no way you can design a used car website with using flowery (say purple) templates! Only after making this clarification should you start considering graphics, colors and patterns, among other things. In fact, most of your considerations will fall automatically into place once you have a good idea of what you wish to achieve with your website.

Dynamism and Static html

Your site should be interactive. You need a design that will allow you to add, delete and edit the website contents. The importance of being able to update website content cannot be overemphasized. For example, if you are selling electronics online and you stock hp products, you need to be able to update and edit the contents to reflect the prevailing trends, offers and discounts. After all, a 2012 hp coupon code may not be relevant in 2013. The template should also allow for third party transactions.

If all you want to do with your website is to provide your website visitors with some basic information, you can use static html. This is mostly used by beginners who only need to create a web presence. For example, you can use it to indicate your contact information and address, what you are offering and such like things. You should not expect much from this type of website, and if you are a real professional, you will avoid it. It is easy to put up, however, and you can add graphical illustrations later.


Flash animation is a great tool for website graphic artists these days. Whereas in the past Flash was only used to add animated content to a website, these days graphic artists use it to design complete websites. You should know, however, that is has serious limitations if you wish to use SEO on your site. Integrating a standard SEO plan into a complete Flash website design is extremely complicated. You can go around the problem by using Flash in conjunction with other platforms, for example, php. Adobe keeps up to date with delivering innovative web design products.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

These systems are extremely useful for web contents online. The right CMS will simplify your work in this regard, and you can use them on both dynamic and standard websites. To secure your site, you can set administrative levels to content you do not want other people to change. There are different CMS and you should analyze several of them before deciding on the one to use. Two of the most popular ones include WordPress.org and Joomla.

Jonathon Briggs is a recent college graduate with a lot of passion for technology. He enjoys website design and development, and hopes to have his own company soon.

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