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Roller Banners: Creative Designs Help Marketing Success

Roller banners are a great product.  Their popularity has increased in recent years as businesses have identified various unique and interesting ways to utilize them in their marketing efforts.  From announcing their location at trade shows, to festooning their business foyer with information to passing customers the Roller style banners are quickly becoming a favorite promotional item of many.

Either way there is a mountain of different options when it comes to investing on roller banners and many different styles, designs and messages to that can be portrayed.

What is a roller banner?

We have all seen them before whether we realized it is a roller banner or not. They are usually around 6 feet or so high and just under 3 feet wide. They are usually made from heavy canvas type material, with one side printed. They unroll from a mechanism which forms the foot of the banner. They are quick and simply to pull out of their casing, and likewise are easy to put away. This ease of use makes them firm favorites for people who frequently exhibit or for use in situations such as pop-up shops or restaurants.

Information giving

They can be used to give a wide variety of information from recent successful projects right through website addresses, social media network presence etc. They can be printed with using a full color spectrum too and with nay design, including high resolution images.

Which roller banner is right for your business?

There are many online retailers who offer quality product when it comes to roller banners.

Short term and indoor display can be created using a ‘value’ or ‘basic’ roller banner. Still high in quality and construction, these banners can be printed in full color and are also stable. If the banner is going to be used on a frequent basis, it always pays to look at the rolling mechanism. Even though the banner material is of the same quality, the roller mechanism is not and so constant use will result in wear and tear – meaning you banner wither won’t unfurl or won’t retract!

Not everyone, however, will need a roller banner that retracts or needs to be portable. You may want to create a display within your business location but want the freedom to move it around. You can purchase the banner in the same shape and format as a roller banner but is one that does not carry the roller mechanism at its base. These are known as static banners; they look similar to roller banners with the same casing at the foot, but devoid of the roller mechanism inside.

Many companies opt for a mid-range banner as they not only come with a more robust mechanism but the bags for transporting the banners are also more protective and better made. Some retailers supply t heir banners with padded bags, always a safer option to prevent accidental tears and rips during transportation. If you will be using your banners frequently, then packaging is an important consideration.

Finally, check the footing of the banner. Some cheaper versions might not be as stable as more expensive roller banners. After all, you don’t want your banner toppling over!

This article has been written by industry specialist and exhibition enthusiast Mark Thompson of Print Designs Roller Banners.

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