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Pretty Up Your Website For Valentine’s Day

Roses Courtesy Dreamstime.comValentine’s Day might not be the most popular holiday when it comes to decorating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of February 14th to add some romantic colors and themes to your website. Whether you sprinkle some hearts onto your homepage or adorn your online store with caricatures of Cupid, your visitors will appreciate the chances you make on your website.

Updating your website or adding royalty free stock images that pertain to the holiday or season helps keep it feeling fresh. You never want your website to feel stagnant. Along with updates or a blog, Valentine’s Day images lets visitors know that, yes, you are keeping things updated and paying attention to what’s going on in the world around you.

Participating in the spirit of Valentine’s Day can also help your bottom line. If you sell chocolates, small gifts or jewelry, consumers will be checking you out to buy gifts for the special people in their lives. Create a gift guide or recommendations for the holiday to increase your return on investment. These pages are a great place to display heart or flower stock photos. Show how happy a young woman looks after accepting a proposal from her boyfriend or receiving a diamond necklace on Valentine’s Day to encourage consumers to make a purchase from your store.

There are plenty of options to choose from as well. You don’t have to stick to pink and red hearts. Stock art depicting a bouquet of flowers, a couple kissing or holding hands or even a diamond pendant are all viable options. Even an adorable puppy in a bow or two birds sitting next to each other on a branch relate to the romantic holiday. Think outside of the box to find the right image for your business and the angle you’re aiming for.

Many websites, especially eCommerce websites, change parts of their logos to celebrate holidays. You don’t need to update your entire layout. A simple addition of a rose to your company logo might be enough to make your website more welcoming and attractive for Valentine’s Day. Replace dots on the lowercase letter “I” with flowers to create a whimsical ambiance for your website. A heart substituted for a vowel is a simple change to put into place. Seasonal changes shouldn’t be too difficult to setup or take down once Valentine’s Day passes.

Adjusting your entire theme so that it uses pink, purple or silver instead of your traditional colors is another option to consider. Whatever you do, make sure to use images in immoderation and have fun. If you’re enjoying yourself, changes are that your visitors will enjoy themselves, too.

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