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Vital Things To Consider When Having A Banner Or Poster Printed To Market Your Business

Have you ever thought about designing your own banner or poster for your business? You can get some great results and they are not expensive to have made. With the advance of technology you can now use online printing services and they will deliver them right to your door. As soon as you have them […]

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What is the Difference Between a Brand, an Identity and a Logo?

When dealing with graphic arts and creative types, you will often hear the words logo, identity and brand used and you may be left wondering what exactly each one is and how they can benefit your business. These words are often misused and interchanged, but as any good designer will tell you, there is a […]

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Package Design – Printing Services

What makes good package design? How do you know when you have a design that works? What goes in to it the print work, and how do I get my design to mold properly to a client’s specific needs? Well, package design is no easy concept to sum up – but there are things out […]

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Hello, Graphic Artists!

Welcome to Art-212. We’re just now getting set up, and have launched our new blogging platform using WordPress. Our goal is to create an online community where fellow graphic artists can write, share, and communicate about the various aspects of the multimedia arts including, but not limited to, graphic arts, graphic design, package design, web […]

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