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Online Marketing – SEO Basics

online marketingThe world of online marketing can be a rather tough, scary subject – as any topic of marketing is so broad, it can be a bit hard to define and even describe. What goes in to online marketing to make it specific, instead of just regular marketing? Is there even a difference between print marketing, and online marketing? Well, yes.

There are key similarities and key differences when dealing with online and offline marketing. The big difference revolves around search engines, and search engine optimization. The big search engine is google, and google has these little programs that travel across the web that read the text and code of web-pages. They’re called spiders, and they run the web pages they index through an algorithm. This algorithm helps ensure that the content the spider collected is genuine. Having pages that are written and coded well is very important for online marketing, otherwise  your pages won’t be seen on search engines. If your website isn’t seen on a search engine, well, it may as well not even exist at all.

So where do the experts come in? Well, honestly, whenever you build a web page, you need to start optimizing it for the search engines as it’s being built. If you don’t, well, you’re going to lose money – lots of it. Which, honestly, is not very good at all. If you don’t invest in proper, genuine, search engine optimization, you’re really not getting the most out of your website. If not, then why have a website at all?

Your website is important for online marketing – it’s your window to the world, literally. In this day and age, if you don’t have a website – your competitors do, and you’re losing business. The most often question that is asked, along with what are your services, where are you located, .etc – is what’s your website? What do you think a client would say if you told them you didn’t have a website?

As I mentioned, it’s important for your online marketing goals to optimize for search engines – and do that during the planning of the site. You need to target specific keywords related to your business, that are least competitive and most searched for – there is a fine balance to strike, and if you don’t hire a professional, well,  you’re not going to get your money’s worth – but be careful, some companies out there claim to optimize with best practices in mind and claim to be genuine, when in reality… they aren’t.

Be careful and do your research, make sure you’re not investing thousands of dollars a month on an online marketing plan that isn’t improving your business and bottom-line.

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