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Online Marketing for Photographers and Artists

In the digital world, more and more businesses are moving online. Artists and photographers have been making the move to digital for quite some time now. The advent of digital photography, as well as digital art, is a huge part of the web right now. As with books and other creative endeavors, artists are really taking to the web and trying to find ways to get more people to see their work. Of course, many of the artists and photographers who are using digital means to create and manipulate their art have no idea how to use the digital world to market and sell that artwork. The following tips should help artists get a better idea of what it is going to take to get their work out there.


Have Your Own Website

Free galleries, such as those on Deviant Art or one of the photo sharing sites can be handy, and artists should utilize them. However, those sites should not be the only online outlet that they have. With the low cost of creating a website, or even a gallery style blog, it makes sense to have a site for his or hers. If money is still an issue, consider collaborating with one or two other artists or photographers and splitting the cost.

When you are creating your site, you want to make sure that you have plenty of space for your digital representations of photos or artwork. You also want to have space where you will be able to add text. The content areas are going to be important. This is where you are going to add your keywords, which will help the search engines find your site. When you are choosing your keywords, make sure that you are specific. If your work can fall into a niche, then you will find that it could be easier to rank higher in the search engines. Start a blog on your site so you can add content often. You can find great premium wordpress themes.


Market to the Right Audience

Once you have a site, it’s important that you make sure that it works for the type of visitors that you want to attract. If you have dark art or black and white photography of ghost towns, you probably aren’t going to want to market to the crowd that goes gaga for photos of kittens in hats. Find out the places that your audience hangs out online, and target your efforts there. One of the ways that you can find more people who are interested in your work is to find other artists that are similar to you. Offer to guest blog, and ask for a guest blog in return. This can help you find more viewers for your own artwork. DeviantArt is a great marketing tool in that you can set up printable works of your art.


Make It Easy to Purchase Your Art

You will want to make sure that your viewers will have an easy time buying your art. Having a PayPal button or shopping cart on your site is helpful. You can sell digital prints, or you can sell actual prints and ship them to the customers. However, you have to make sure that buying from you is easy, and that it is safe and secure for your customers.


Connect on Social Media

Social media outlets such as facebook, google+, reddit and tumblr, are all great marketing tools that you will find invaluable if you are an artist. Because you are working in a visual media, posting photos or thumbs of your art to your site is easy. People often like to look at art and photos on the social networks, and they are more likely to share them. It’s a great way to expand your reach.

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