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Know the Risks of Outsourcing Graphic Design Jobs

Why Outsource?

With the dramatic changes in technology and the way services are being offered, businesses are taking advantage of an easier way to do things by outsourcing services. One service area that is commonly outsourced is in the area of Graphic Design. Graphic Designing is an activity which incorporates artistic visual sensitivity with knowledge in technology and business. There have been a lot of graphic design companies emerging in the market nowadays. However, it is challenging to employ individuals that are only committed to working in graphic design. Because of this, many companies have decided to outsource graphic designing tasks.

Graphic designers hired through outsourcing services should meet the same requirements of the employees of graphic design companies. Some of these requirements include possessing an artistic sensibility and having experience in the field, along with tools to improve their productivity. Professional training and education are also a plus for this position. A quality graphic designer will also be able to create a design which passes the standards needed for visual communication. Designers with good skills in illustration, calligraphy and typography are mostly the best catch for this type of outsourcing job.

The Risks


However, with any other ventures, risk is also involved when graphic design companies decide to outsource their services. One common problem is in regards to the designer’s availability. The truth is that even though you may have already made an agreement with a certain freelance designer to work during a certain period of time, you don’t necessarily own his or her time. I suppose that is why they refer to it as freelance work. So, usually when outsourcing these types of jobs, there will always be times when a designer will not be able to meet the deadline you are trying to beat because of scheduling conflicts.

Worst case scenario

You need to meet a project deadline overnight only to find out that your designer is not online. You check your email, and there you see a notification that your designer will only be available the next week. In these types of situations, there are usually two options for this scenario: First, hire another freelancer, and second, call your designer unlimited, begging for them to finish this task for you. The first option may eat up your time. The second has no guarantee. Truth is, freelancers have limited capacity. Plus, they may also be working on other projects aside from yours because that is what they need to do in order to fill their schedules. For this specific roadblock, having a pool of freelancers, may help. It would guarantee a back up if the primary designer is not available.

Range of Style and Ability

Another risk is the limited availability of style range. When a designer does a perfect job on a certain page, that does not mean that he or she will do well on all the other pages. This may be because they have a limited range in style, and of course, specialty. Every designer has their own specialties, their own specific style. The solution to this roadblock is the same solution as previously mentioned- having a pool of freelance graphic designers. However, in business, every opportunity may present a risk. There is nothing wrong with graphic design companies outsourcing their services but they must remember the importance of properly coordinating. Outsourcing saves companies money because they can hire on a per-project basis but doing this is risky because if freelancers are unavailable, they will have to waste time and money trying to find a replacement.

The pros and cons comparison for outsourcing graphic design tasks is brought to you by Neff and Associates Inc and professional writer, Sarah Smith.

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