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Is Social Media Ruining Our Minds?

It’s hard to believe that it has only been in the last couple of decades that the personal laptop computer has become widely used and owned by a vast majority of working adults for personal and professional uses. It is even more hard to believe that within that same time, smartphones and personal cell phones have only just begun to mimick the capabilities of laptop and desktop computers, allowing any smartphone user with a data plan to browse the internet, download apps, and connect with friends and colleagues all on their handheld device through one of countless social media platforms. But with this rising convenience of internet and constant social media usage, comes the question of whether all of these technological influences affect our minds and actual brain functions? This infographic, How Social Media is Ruining Our Minds, explores this question, and shows that prolonged and extensive exposure to social media does in fact affect our memory, attention spans, ability to multitask, and other cognitive and developmental brain functions.

This infographic was produced by Assisted Living Today the leader in finding top assisted living facilities throughout the U.S.

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