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How to Kill a Website

There are countless websites out there on how to make the best website, how to make your website thrive, and generally how to be a hit online. However what you often don’t see is how to kill a website. This is a mistake however, because knowing what not to do, and knowing the precise things that will make your online business implode, can be one of the most sure fire ways to ensure that doesn’t happen. Here we will look at some of the top ways to ruin your website – so steer clear unless you have a death wish and want to commit website harakiri.

Plaguing it With Ads

A few ads are necessary in most online business plans and this is most likely how you intend to make your cash. Obviously everyone needs to eat and you probably aren’t doing this for love alone so you’ll need some adverts. However if you get greedy and end up slathering your website with advertising then you will only end up driving away your prospective visitors and damaging your reputation. Furthermore you are going to find that you end up damaging your ranking and Google’s recent algorithm changes have already started targeting those sites with more ads than content.

Over-Stuffing It

I get it – you’re proud of your website. That’s all very good and well and of course it’s how it should be, but if it means that you start to try and throw everything at your website – flash animations, large background images, drop down menus, sound effects… then eventually it’s going to get a little bit overstuffed and it’s going to suffer as a result. Sometimes, if not usually, less is more and if you have too much loading in your visitors’ browsers then you are going to cost them time and money, you’re going to test their patience and you’re going to divide their attentions so drastically that they won’t know where to look or what to click. Like any artist you need to know when to step back and say ‘finito!’.


This is that greed thing again, and that ‘too much of a good thing’ thing again too. While a little optimization is all good, if you overdo it then your website is going to look like spam and it’s going to be hard to read. Again this creates the double whammy of putting off your loyal visitors while at the same time getting you penalized by Google so that no new ones come your way either.

Even worse than over-doing your on-page SEO is overdoing your link building, and if you are desperately running around the web trading links with every Tom, Dick and Harry then you are only going to look once again like spam to Google. Build quality links and make sure that they only come from highly relevant and

Letting Your Site Stew

Use it or lose it. It’s true for our muscles and it’s true for our websites. Google likes information that looks up to date and relevant and it doesn’t like stuff that looks old and outdated. As such then you should try to make sure that you not only make sure to frequently upload new articles and update your news, but also to keep updating your old pages so that they stay at the top of the SERPs.

Having Your Page Down

Depending on what your site and what your business is about, having a page go down for even a few minutes can sometimes be devastating and can completely destroy your visitors’ faith in you. The solution is to make sure that you use custom error pages to allay any fears your customers may have, and at the same time to make sure you have a good hosting package and a well designed site to stop this sort of thing happening.

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