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How To Create A Guerrilla Sticker Marketing Campaign

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Street art and viral marketing campaign by Shepard Fairey in 1989

The humble sticker is potentially one of the most impressive and also practical items in a marketer’s arsenal. Vinyl stickers have seen significant growth in popularity in recent years and this is partially a mixture of their amazing versatility and also because they cost so little to produce, when compared to most other forms of campaigns.

The vinyl sticker is a long lasting, colourful, fully customizable item that can not only look beautiful, but also can be placed in a wide variety of positions. This means that the online vinyl sticker business is one high in demand and understandably so. So, let’s take a look at how you can create a guerrilla sticker campaign

The first thing you need to do is to consider the sort of design or type of campaign you will proceed with – here are some ideas.


This is where stickers can really win out. There is no real point in placing stickers idly around the city or town and a little bit of thought should go into such a campaign. Being creative will involve some thought, though can provide significant benefits. Images can really impress and guerrilla marketing campaigns are certainly idyllic for vinyl stickers.

There have been some brilliantly honed campaigns with stickers and companies have used them to create images like cracks on windows, or have placed large coffee cup shaped stickers over steaming subway holes, creating the effect of a steaming cup of coffee. These are all things that are noticed and put your brand or business in the public mind.


Stickers need to have short messages. Unlike larger forms of advertising, stickers are generally strolled past in an instant and nobody is going to want to read a full paragraph. Attention getting phrases, or even just logos, should be enough for your sticker campaign.

Placing the Sticker

This is the next part of the project and you will need to have a good idea where the sticker will get the best effect. This should be considered during the whole creative process as the position for the sticker is often part and parcel, with the sort of sticker your wish to create and the message you wish to incorporate. Brainstorm with other staff and jot down some ideas.  Now you need to choose a company.


When choosing a company, quality is a must for stickers; and you want to know that they’re going to last the test of time. Good quality vinyl stickers are made from high quality vinyl and therefore are scratch, weather and tear proof and far tougher than paper alternatives. They are also printed in vivid colours and at a 1440dpi rate, meaning they create the best impression.

You should now be ready to go. So, get out there and get sticking.

Cormac Reynolds writes this article for and has written numerous articles on offline campaigns for a number of companies.

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