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5 Tips For Choosing Fonts For Design

Fonts are so important in the way our work is perceived and there is so much to consider and to figure out when picking one for your project. So, we’ve come up with five great tips for choosing the best font for your task.

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The 4 Types Of Designer’s Portfolio

Your portfolio is your calling card, your CV and your OK Cupid profile all rolled into one. It needs to show your skills, your range, your experience and, at its best, your personality. Your portfolio should show you to be brilliant, adaptable, and above all, unique. You’re a one in a million talent that any […]

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6 Tips For Awesome Logo Design

The key to creating a great company logo is finding the perfect balance between creativity, innovation and artistic ability. The Lion Bird logo (see image) is a good example of all these elements with the eyes of the lion drawn inside the raised wings of the bird. If you’re an aspiring designer or a business […]

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How To Create A Guerrilla Sticker Marketing Campaign

The humble sticker is potentially one of the most impressive and also practical items in a marketer’s arsenal. Vinyl stickers have seen significant growth in popularity in recent years and this is partially a mixture of their amazing versatility and also because they cost so little to produce, when compared to most other forms of […]

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8 Tips to Create Rockin’ Brochures for Your Business

Creating brochures for your company can be fun and satisfying. The idea is to make your brochure stand out as unique, elegant and expressive of what your company does. Using unique artwork and design can make a huge difference in the response. Your copy should be interesting, useful and entertaining. It must also be appropriate […]

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Vital Things To Consider When Having A Banner Or Poster Printed To Market Your Business

Have you ever thought about designing your own banner or poster for your business? You can get some great results and they are not expensive to have made. With the advance of technology you can now use online printing services and they will deliver them right to your door. As soon as you have them […]

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6 Tips On Creating An Online Graphic Design Portfolio

Designing an online portfolio is the next best thing to advertising yourself online as a graphic designer. It gives you the opportunity to get more market juice for your work and hence more clients. It is an easy way to get recognition and work opportunities, especially if you are a freelancer.

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Graphic Design – Color Theory Basics

Color theory is a pretty loaded topic when it comes to graphic design, graphic arts and package design. When dealing with the arts, or rather any form of medium, it’s good to have a basic understand of theory. For example, in order for a musician to play properly, he has to understand the underlying principles […]

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Hello, Graphic Artists!

Welcome to Art-212. We’re just now getting set up, and have launched our new blogging platform using WordPress. Our goal is to create an online community where fellow graphic artists can write, share, and communicate about the various aspects of the multimedia arts including, but not limited to, graphic arts, graphic design, package design, web […]

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