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graphic artistsThere are a ton of amazing graphic artists out there, and they’re online to help share information and to improve your graphic arts and design. When looking for new artists, or online resources, it’s great to check out communities that are already prominent in the fields of graphic design and the web. What’re some of these resources? We’ve went through and compiled an amazing list to share with you, including individual graphic artists and online graphic communities.

Graphic Artists

Who are some of the most prominent graphic artists out there? We’ve went through and created a list of some of our favorites, and would like to share them with you.

A List Apart

A List Apart is an online community of graphic artists who have the goal and aim of providing an amazing service for those interested in designing, building and marketing websites. Their articles feature a wide array of topics ranging from graphic design, web design, the basics of graphic arts, to more details such as coding pages in css, html, and javascript.


Sitepoint is an Australian based web company focused on sharing information on web design. They’re talented graphic artists that help build websites, and have an awesome online repository for CSS, Javascript and PHP commands. Great resource for any graphic artist and web designer.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine has an incredible bundle of books written by, and for, graphic artists relating to web design and package design. Their website has an incredible amount of versatility, and they cover a slew of topics for any graphic artist to be content with. Their ebooks are inexpensive and packed with knowledge, and their online blogs are consistently kept up to date for people to check out and participate in.

We hope these three resources give you enough to get started. There is an incredible gold-mine here, and when you start digging through the web pages, you will find that there is invaluable information to help improve your grpahic arts, online marketing, package design, and web design. We hope these amazing graphic artists will help you expand your horizons.

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