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Hello, Graphic Artists!

Welcome to Art-212. We’re just now getting set up, and have launched our new blogging platform using WordPress. Our goal is to create an online community where fellow graphic artists can write, share, and communicate about the various aspects of the multimedia arts including, but not limited to, graphic arts, graphic design, package design, web design, and online marketing.

Graphic ArtsWe invite other artists and online marketers to come in and share their experiences and any tips or tricks they have up their sleeves to help make the world of web and print design a much more beautiful place. There are bad designs out there that ruin brands and just makes things look… well, ugly. Our goal is to help eliminate that by providing awesome articles and amazing resources to help artists improve their skills.

We’re by no means professional experts in the field, so anything that is written here needs to be taken for what it’s worth… We do extensive research for all our own blog posts, and aim to really build a good foundation where we can learn and grow together.

Most of us are serious hobbyists and doodlers looking to share our experiences.

When working with graphic arts, web design and package design, we want to make sure we cover the fundamentals such as color theory, white balance, what makes good typography, and how to lead the eye to where we want it to go – just to name a few. We share articles and resources based on a few of these topics for graphic artists to look in to, and aim to provide only the ┬ábest resources.

With online marketing, we want to make sure we deal with best practices when it comes to topics such as search engine optimization. Google is the heavy-hitter in this area, and has streamlined the process to where other search engines (like Yahoo) simply pull their results from Google. It’s important to make sure you’re SEO optimization is green, and not black-hat so as to avoid any marks against your website…

The world of design and online marketing is a huge, advanced topic… We hope others will chime in and share their experiences with us.

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