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Establishing a Relationship with Writers

3551555637_d2384dcbe0_mWhen you work in online marketing, you’re going to have to work with writers. It makes sense to have a good relationship with them. This will help you to not only create more effective work, but to have a more enjoyable design experience, as well.

Respect Their Input

The writers you are working with may not have much, if any, experience in graphic arts.  This doesn’t mean you should not take their advice and their criticisms seriously. The fact that they are slightly removed from the design world may end up giving them a different perspective that proves to be valuable.

This doesn’t mean that you should do everything they say. Respect their advice, but ultimately, as the designer, the graphics are your responsibility.

Offer Your Input

In the same respect, you should not feel like you don’t have a right to comment on their work. You may see issues with their writing that they do not because they are too close to the work or too emotionally invested in it.

Remember that all advice should be in the form of constructive criticism. Telling a writer that his work is no good does nothing to help and may shut down his creative process. Instead, you should offer concrete examples of what could be done better or stated more clearly.

Create Together

Too many teams of designers and writers don’t realize the value of creating together. A piece where the copy is created first and a design is created in response, or where the design is created first and the copy is created in response, is almost never as powerful as a piece where the copy and design are created in unison.

When you work together, you allow each of you to contribute. Together you will come up with solutions that are more unique than either of you would be able to come up with on your own.


As a designer, you already know what a difficult and frustrating process it can be to make a living off of creativity. Encourage your writer, so that he will feel more confident. This increased confidence will allow him to open up and reach greater heights.

Keep Teamwork in Mind

Remember that you are part of a team. You can accomplish more by working together than you can by viewing each other as a necessary evil to accomplish your goals. That’s something every designer should be able to get behind.

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