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A Case for Simplicity

3652656445_dd4717d8d8_mWe live in an increasingly complex world. It seems many designers have followed this trend of complexity, perhaps to their detriment. There’s a lot to say about simplicity. When executed correctly in design, graphic artists can take their craft to new level.

Break through Clutter

Think about how much content the average person is bombarded with on a daily basis. Between blog articles, Facebook, Twitter, print ads and signs, there is so much information for people to take in.

All of this content clamoring for attention is known as clutter. Finding a way to stand out amidst this clutter is the main challenge we face in graphic arts today. It makes sense that simplicity is the best way to stand out in this type of atmosphere. Imagine a party where every guest is wearing bright colors and odd patterns. The person wearing a normal suit would be the most likely to stand out in this situation.

Focus Attention

In every design, there should be one element that stands out above the rest. If you try to draw attention to everything, then you end up with several elements competing for attention at the same time. Your design effectively cannibalizes itself. If, however, you default to simplicity, you allow your work to draw attention to the most important elements.

Draw Eyes

Design is nothing if it can’t get people to respond to it. To accomplish that, you first have to get people to look at it. An overly complicated design looks exhausting. People have an option of whether or not to pay attention to your design, and if they feel it will be too much work, they will move along. A simple piece, on the other hand, looks easy to consume and increases the likelihood that people will spend time with it.

Clear Meaning

With complexity, you run the risk of diluting your meaning. You make it more difficult to understand because there is so much going on. With a simple design, it’s easy to understand. You’re able to get your meaning across easily because you are not asking people to do work to find the meaning behind your design.

Keep it Simple

Keep your designs simple and easy to understand. You’ll find that more people are willing to view it and more people will get your meaning. This will give your work the ability to have a greater impact and therefore make it a more effective piece.

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