About Art-212

Art-212 is an online blog within the art domain. We share information in the fields of web design, graphic design, package design, graphic artists, and online marketing, and the process and materials that go all together to help create compelling online marketing content.

Most of us have been involved in some form within the multimedia arts and marketing business. Our aim is to share our stories and experiences and to help provide a resource where other artists can come together, learn, and innovate. We invite other artists and marketers in the field to contribute and share their own experiences, stories, tips and tricks to help broaden and advance the web.

There are an incredible amount of ugly websites out there – what better way to help make the web more beautiful than to help educate those around you? If you enjoy your content, please – share it, it’s why the web was built! If you want to write content, we definitely encourage you to do so – and you can sign up easily using our online web form. Please be sure to read our guidelines, though! There are rules.

With any multimedia business, there is an incredible amount of creative disciplines and theory to understand. It can be a little hard for someone to wrap their head around the concepts. We have blog posts and categories dedicated to elaborating upon the types of web design, graphic design, package design, graphic artists, and online marketing materials such as color theory, white space, typography, css, javascript, printing materials, seo tips, the list just goes on, and on!

Marketing can be a volatile field – it is constantly changing, and because it’s so broad it can be difficult to define. We at Art-212 specialize in online marketing dealing with types of multimedia design, such as web design and graphic design. Our articles range from print to e-mail campaigns, graphic design, search engine optimization, web development, sales, and customer-engagement best practices.

Graphic design deals with creating a form of art that helps convey a message – it is all about conveying the message, and drawing the eye through to the content. Bad design can be crippling, while great design can be liberating – and knowing the key difference between the two, and realizing what differentiates good to great, will help you succeed – our articles cover all of this.

We’re here to help spread information – and as such, we invite you to partake in this activity with us. Want to contact us? Sure! We would love to hear from you.

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ART(212) contemporary art fair will be at the 69th Regiment Armory, 68 Lexington Avenue (at 26th Street) Thursday, September 28th – Sunday, October 1st 2006.


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