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5 Ways Smart Businesses Make A Great First Impression With Design

art_design2You image matters whether you’re an individual or a large corporate entity. On so many levels, your presentation has a profound effect on the way that people perceive you and understand you. Of course, things have changed rapidly in the last decade or two thanks to the arrival of the Internet.

The World Wide Web has changed the way we see the world, see businesses and consume information – it truly is a revolution. For business, it poses so many opportunities but also makes it a lot easier for people to judge you too. So, we’ve compiled a number of reasons why your business image is important and what you can do to improve it.


According to Princeton University, a person makes a judgement in less than a second on something and that longer exposures still may not make a difference and override the initial judgement. For business this is so important. From the moment a user clicks on your webpage, looks at the logo on your business card, or simple sees the way you’re dressed they’ve judged you and this may never change.

This is true for individuals and business and don’t think you have an active part in it either. Clients, future employers and even universities now check out online presence to see how a business or employee stacks up. Nearly 10 per cent of companies in the USA have dismissed an employee because of behaviour on a social media site.

Business Website

Of course, for many businesses nowadays their website is their shop window. No shopkeeper’s going to have an empty window, or out of date products facing the customer on a high street. A business website should be the same.

Load times should be fast to prevent impatient users from logging off, and needless to say server issues and the likes of 303 and 404 errors should never come into play. In addition, the design is so important. Website design, like all things on the web changes at an astonishingly fast rate – make sure yours is reasonably up to date at the very least. Obviously things like the logo design, colours, header images, layout and typography also work together to create the impact.


Of course, business reputations are still not merely built online. The offline sphere is all important still. For instance, think of your business card – does it stand out for all the right reasons, how does the logo design suit the message your business is trying to put forward, is it memorable, is it ageless?

Things like the logo design and colour scheme are all important because these are the things that link the offline and online world and your businesses place in it. They should work, be easy to understand and relevant and work for your business. Great logo design and design in general isn’t merely about the designers indulgences, it’s about something that works for your business and fits with what you’re trying to say.


Social media and the way you handle it is a place that so many businesses fall down. Simply put, social media is here to stay and is a fantastic tool. There is a new generation of people that use social to find businesses as much as search engines such as Google and wily business are taking advantage of that. Use social for everything from promotions, to answering customer questions. But beware you need to be on the ball, a social media faux pas can be seen worldwide within minutes.


Finally, the simplest way to create a good impression is manners. Simple manners and courtesy are fantastic ways of creating a great impression online, offline, on the phone or in person. If you and your staff are mannerly, it goes a long way in business.

These are some fantastic tips for business hoping to create a good impression and furthering themselves – so take note.

By Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds is a writer and a lover of journalism and football. He enjoys writing about design and social media.

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