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5 Most Important Tips For Website Designing

Designing a successful website is not an easy task. But before you get caught up the the online marketing game, you need to be sure that you have addressed all of the design fundamentals. These days you will find various websites on the internet that are poorly designed and fail to incorporate some essential features. Hence, today I am going to give you a few important tips for website design. Keep in mind that these tips will ensure that your website stands out from the crowd.

  • Content Is King

    I know you have heard it before but it is true, your website must provide compelling content. Some of you might think that how is content related to website design? Well the truth is that good content is an essential element of a successful website. Your website should offer interesting and useful information to your website’s visitors. Furthermore, you must make sure that there are no grammatical errors in the text that is on your webpage. Poor content not only leaves a bad impression on your website’s visitors but can also force visitors to leave your website.

  • Avoid Shady Elements

    Your website must be simple and stuff on it should be easy to navigate. Blinking text, Gif images, flying text and popup windows are very distracting. Your website’s visitors might get agitated by such elements. Hence, your website should be easy to browse and information on your webpage must be easy to scroll. If information on your website is not easy to get then your site’s visitors might be forced to dessert your website.

  • Compress Images On Your Website

    Well how you would feel if you visit a website that takes several minutes just to load background images. I am sure you will feel restless and frustrated. Keep in mind that time is money and no one would wait for the images to load. The point I am trying to make here is that one should not use too many large images and videos on a webpage. Even if you have large images on your website they must be compressed. Websites that incorporate heavy multimedia files take much longer to load compared to websites that use compressed files.

  • Readability

    The text on your website should be well formatted and it must be readable. On the contrary, too much text is never visually appealing. Keep the text short and sweet. The font of your text must be easily readable. Furthermore, you must use simple backgrounds so that the text easily gels in with the background. Once you have edited the final text on your website you must use a spell checker tool to look for spelling errors. A website that has too many spell errors gives a very unprofessional look.

  • Contact Info

    A lot of individuals and businesses forget to mention contact information on their website. Your contact information should be mentioned on your webpage. Ideally you should incorporate a separate contact tab on your website so that your website’s visitors can easily find it and contact you. On the other hand you must provide your phone number, email id and address.


The bottom line is that there are no set rules for website design. You must design your website creatively but make sure that you incorporate these above mentioned tips. A successful website is one that draws attention of millions of people.

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Sarah McPherson got into online marketing a little over 3 years ago, after spending many years in the web design world. The tangible results that online marketing brings are what drive Sarah. Sarah is a member of the website design newcastle company Eureka SEM.

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