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4 Women Who Excel at Graphic Design

female_artistsWomen are notorious for their eye for creativity and design. Using color, layering textures and creating objects of beauty have been areas where women have excelled for centuries.

It is evident in the long history women have had in the arena of fashion design, home décor and more recently in the growing field of graphic design: women make excellent artists.

Today’s graphic designers have a wide range of tools available to create their art: from tablets and styluses, to programs that allow the artist to convert hand-drawn sketches into graphic files.

Monica Cardone, a well-known advocate for women’s equality in STEM, encourages this new creative endeavor. For a generation of girls raised on technology, the field of graphic design is a natural fit. Using their natural inclination to draw, doodle or illustrate, girls have been harnessing the power of technology to bring their designs to life in a big way.

Graphic designers are responsible for generating new fonts, impacting corporate branding, creating advertisements and developing new fabric patterns. Skilled designers integrate photography with text and images, creating beautiful, effective new designs. The results of their efforts inspire consumers to buy their products, linger over the pages of a magazine or scroll through a delightfully laid out website.

Want to meet some of today’s hottest new female graphic designers?

Lauryn Nehemia

The girl behind Lola Glitter, Lauryn Nehemia has a strong background in both graphic design and web-based development. A freelance graphic designer, she has forged a reputation for herself in the areas of brand development, fashion and graphic design as well as fashion and lifestyle blogging.

Based in Canada, she has a wide circle of influence through her web and social media campaigns.

Jasmine Del Chiaro

A social media marketer and graphic designer, Jasmine has developed a following through her Praline blog and social networking.

She focuses primarily on projects for both web and print in the areas of fashion, beauty and design. Her passion for fashion and beauty is evident in her portfolio; a catalog of materials that are both beautiful and useful.

Madeline Vu

This creative genius is a writer, illustrator and designer who loves all things techie and beautiful.

She specializes in developing branding campaigns for clients, integrating art with cultures and ideas. By using her strengths, she helps her clients reach their goals in a beautiful, meaningful way.

Caroline Hanson

Based in London, this graphic designer started a beauty and fashion blog in 2011 in her spare time, and grew it into a freelance business. Her designs focus on typography and publication layouts, creating pieces that are compelling and beautiful.

Technology development in graphic design has opened the door for women to join the predominantly male-driven industry of computer generated designs, and women have responded. Thanks to these advances in technology, today’s graphic designers have more opportunities to develop and share their art with others. Freelance designers, graphic artists and other fashion influencers can create their designs from anywhere in the world, showcasing a variety of ideas and themes from various cultures.

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