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10 Hottest Web Design Trends to Look for in 2013

2013_web_designWeb design must always be able to evolve with technology. As web users grow more sophisticated, and mobile interfaces become commonplace, designers must meet these demands. What may have been cutting edge just a few years ago may now be behind the times. If you’ve ever stumbled across a website which was built in the late 90’s, you can see how much web design has changed.

Websites are now expected to support multiple platforms and be responsive to user’s needs. In order to stay in competition with other sites, designers must be up on the newest trends. Here are 10 of the hottest web design trends for 2013 so you can keep in step with technology and site design.

Usability of Websites

Responsive layouts are a big trend this year. Websites need to work on different platforms from desktops to Smartphones. Think of your web design as being dynamic and fluid and able to work on many different platforms through the use of CSS3 media queries.

Fixed header bars let your visitors scroll down the page and still see the header. This trend is not only popular, but a great usability tool. Use the CSS position: fixed to do this.

Thematic QR codes combine the convenience of having a QR code on your website, and the added perk of being attractive. Thematic QR codes go from the boring jumble of shapes to an actual design element for your webpage.

Infinite scrolling makes pagination issues nonexistent. As long as your visitor scrolls down your page more data will be loaded. One example of this is Pinterest. Infinite scrolling isn’t an option for every website, but it is one of the hottest web design trends for 2013.

Look of Websites

Retina support creates rich looking websites for use on such devices as iPhones. These devices use screens which are twice as dense as an LCD screen. The same numbers of pixels are used, but twice as many digital pixels are used in the same space.

Large photo backgrounds, when combined with your web design, are a hot trend. When done correctly, this type of layout can have a stunning effect.

CSS Transparency allows you to control the opacity of certain elements on your website. You can also do this by using rgba() color syntax.

Minimalist design used especially on landing pages is another hot trend. The use of vector icons and simple text lets you focus on selling your products.

Detailed illustrations capture visitor’s attention. These can be hand-drawn or computer generated. Detailed illustrations can be used to create a mood or convey the culture of your company.

Social media badges are vital for today’s websites. You can pin social media badges on all of your pages including your blog posts. These give visitors a chance to share your content easily.

Website design continues to evolve as more mobile devices become the way to access the web. Your website design needs to evolve with trends and usability opportunities. Use these 10 hot trends to update your website and keep it current.

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